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Video: an one minute presentation about Strategy Designer - your team's online strategic plan software

Corporate Planning with Strategy Designer™

Cloud-based Strategic Plan Framework for Corporate Managers

StrategyDesigner™ is an online application that lets Strategic Teams work on a shared plan document independently, simultaneously, confidentially and from any device, anywhere! It helps you put together a strategy plan document using an uniform plan template that includes typical sections such as Strategic Goals, SWOT-Analysis, KPI’s and Operational Plan.

You can either type or copy-paste pre-existing text/html from different platforms, you can upload Excel files which will automatically be converted into online worksheets and you can upload image files, PDFs and presentations. All these files will automatically be included in a clean, professional-looking document, available in MS-Word, PDF and HTML formats; ready for sharing, printing and saving in the Cloud.

With StrategyDesigner, you can create your strategic business plans in the given timeframe, by dividing and sharing the tasks among the members of your team.

Your self-serve Ad Agency
Online self-serve advertising agency

Your Personal Ad Assistant - My Ads Agency

Local, online advertising made easy is a self-serve advertising tool that makes it simple to run your ads on search platforms such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

With just a few clicks your ad will be up and running on desktop-, tablet- and mobile devices. And, you only pay for results. That is, customer visits to your Landing Page (a free advertising page included).

Target your customers locally or globally.
Online self-serve platform to prepare and execute a small business sale

Your Business For Sale -

Fast-track your small business sale

Prepare and execute your small business sale with ExitAdviser, the online self-serve solution that guides you through the whole process in a series of easy-to-follow steps. ExitAdviser provides a wealth of knowledge, tools, articles, legal templates, and other valuable resources that help to fast-track your business sale.

Online business plan software
Online business- and financial plan development program

Business Plan Software - iPlanner.NET

Along with delivering business planning program that will help you develop a business plan to promote your success, iPlanner offers professional financial planning options, too. With this online tool, you’ll be able to answer tough questions in a simple format.

  1. Perform financial projections and performance ratios
  2. Standards-based financial projections and reports
  3. Monthly, quarterly, annual planning
  4. Assign roles and privileges to team members
  5. Business plan templates and examples