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Custom App Development for Business, Projects, and Processes

At NetEkspert's WebStudio we provide custom Web Application development and Cloud-based hosting for various business-, social- and industrial needs.

Our technology and competencies

Our bespoke development services may include specific competencies, technologies, and API-integrations as follows:

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  • Web Applications for Enterprise projects and processes
  • IT-based Minimum Viable Product solutions for start-ups and small businesses
  • Location-aware Web Applications
  • Web Applications for Sale and Advertising (including Google AdWords and Bing Ads API integration)
  • Web Apps for Mobile-first implementations (based on Twitter Bootstrap 3 responsive grid and the Themes designed by the best web-designers)
  • Integration with Social Media Networks (by utilizing Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn API's)
  • Applications based on e-Residency, a government-issued digital identity.
Example web template Unify
A responsive, all-in-one Web theme "Unify"
  • Web-based Dashboards for System Administration and Process Monitoring
  • Web Services and Machine-to-Machine solutions.
  • Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics applications
  • Integration with various Payment Gateways and -processors
  • Real-time Web Chat implementations
  • Web Scraping Applications (to extract text, concepts, entities, keywords, relations, images, videos and links from any public web page)
  • Text Spinning Solutions
  • Data and file converters: Excel to Image, Excel to HTML, HTML to PDF, HTML to Image, PDF to Image, etc.
  • RSS and Atom Feed Processing Solutions

Standards, technologies and platforms in use: HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, C#, Visual Basic.NET, MS Azure Web Applications and Virtual Machines, MS Entity Framework, MS Azure SQL Database, Microsoft .NET Framework, MS Visual Studio

Recent projects

Below are our most recent Web Application projects:

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MS Azure
Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform - Secure, Reliable and Scalable

Sample web design template BizStrap
A Mobile-first Business Web theme "BizStrap"

A Web template Ace
A Web Dashboard template "Ace"

A Web template Measure
A responsive, Mobile-first Twitter Bootstrap theme "Measure"

A responsive Web template Open Mind
A responsive UX Web theme "OpenMind"

Discussing web app development trends
Microsoft Cloud: Discussing upcoming Web Application development and UX trends