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Professional valuation of businesses, websites, and applications

What is the value of your business, website, or an application? Get the answer here

Welcome to NetEkspert's Business Valuation Team. We offer a professional valuation service for private entities of any type, location and all sizes (incl. websites and applications).

You may need to find out the value of your business entity for:

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What's the value of my app?
  • Rising capital and equity funding
  • Pitching your project to investors
  • Business sale or purchase
  • Company buyback of shares
  • Shareholder/partner dispute
  • Pension and exit planning

Our experienced valuations team can analyze the value privately held business entities for a competitive price. For a confidential, fast and hassle-free valuation, order your Valuation Service online. The service usually takes around 2-3 business days to complete but we can accommodate urgent requests if required (without extra cost).

The Valuation Service does not just provide a single figure but rather a comprehensive analysis of your application's, website's or company's worth. That is, where does money come from and what's its present value (while considering risks and uncertainties).


  • A Turn-key Valuation Tool (MS Excel package in XLSX-format, open formulas)
  • Valuation Report (RTF, PDF)
  • Digitally signed package in DDOC-format

The valuation process is completely hassle-free and does not require any meetings - all correspondence is by Skype or e-mail as you prefer. Your Company Valuation Model and the Valuation Report will be emailed to you.

How it works

A simple and straightforward business valuation process boiled down to 4 steps:
  1. You send us a request
  2. We send you a simple questionnaire
  3. You send us answers
  4. We send you the results (see the Deliverables above)

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