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iPlanner.NET is a business plan software and financial planning tool which helps entrepreneurs to perceive better the functioning of his/her business. Our cloud-based application enables a small business manager to prepare rolling budgets, forecasts or a complete business plan.

What is iPlanner.NET

iPlanner.NET is an online business plan software which helps a decision maker to foresee and play through what-if situations. iPlanner automatically generates solutions to expected economic performance, business value and financial results. The quality of decisions will improve, as the expected situations can be played through in the cloud.

iPlanner.NET shows what the cash flows, profitability and financial position of the company will be like in the future. It will be easy to determine additional financing needs, select timing for capital expenditures and plan the payment of dividends. The entrepreneur will learn about the business value of his or her company.

On the basis of the data entered, iPlanner will automatically prepare sales forecasts, expense budgets, income statements, cash flow forecasts and balance sheets, and will characterize the present value and profitability of the business in the course of 1-5 years, calculating each indicator by months and quarters. iPlanner automatically compiles a full-length business plan consisting of the strategy and the financial projections.

Besides entrepreneurs, iPlanner.NET is convenient also for bankers who can now use a common web-based business plan software together with the loan applicant instead of handling business plan documents presented on paper.

iPlanner.NET is a secure, 100% cloud-based software application used as a software service (SaaS). No software is installed, it is sufficient to have an ordinary web browser and internet connection.

iPlanner - this is:

  • automatic preparation of a business plan
  • playing decisions through according to the principle of what-if situations
  • automatic preparation of rolling forecasts, budgets, and financial projections
  • evaluation of the business value

iPlanner.NET provides answers to the following questions:

  • what will be the profitability and cash flow of the company during the period planned;
  • what will be the optimum range of products and price policy;
  • what will be the optimum payment conditions and inventory turnover rates;
  • how much can the company spend on its operating activities;
  • how and when should acquisition of assets be financed;
  • how much should be borrowed; when can loans be repaid;
  • what should be the contribution of the owners to the company;
  • when and how much dividends can be paid.

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