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Custom App Development for Business, Projects, and Processes

At NetEkspert's WebStudio we provide custom Web Application development and Cloud-based hosting for various business-, social- and industrial needs.

Our technology and competencies

Our bespoke development services may include specific competencies, technologies, and API-integrations as follows:

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  • Web Applications for Enterprise projects and processes
  • IT-based Minimum Viable Product solutions for start-ups and small businesses
  • Location-aware Web Applications
  • Web Applications for Sale and Advertising (including Google AdWords and Bing Ads API integration)
  • Web Apps for Mobile-first implementations (based on Twitter Bootstrap 3 responsive grid and the Themes designed by the best web-designers)
  • Integration with Social Media Networks (by utilizing Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn API's)
  • Applications based on e-Residency, a government-issued digital identity.
Example web template Unify
A responsive, all-in-one Web theme "Unify"
  • Web-based Dashboards for System Administration and Process Monitoring
  • Web Services and Machine-to-Machine solutions.
  • Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics applications
  • Integration with various Payment Gateways and -processors
  • Real-time Web Chat implementations
  • Web Scraping Applications (to extract text, concepts, entities, keywords, relations, images, videos and links from any public web page)
  • Text Spinning Solutions
  • Data and file converters: Excel to Image, Excel to HTML, HTML to PDF, HTML to Image, PDF to Image, etc.
  • RSS and Atom Feed Processing Solutions

Standards, technologies and platforms in use: HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, C#, Visual Basic.NET, MS Azure Web Applications and Virtual Machines, MS Entity Framework, MS Azure SQL Database, Microsoft .NET Framework, MS Visual Studio


  • Strategy Designer™ - a business strategic plan creation tool
  • ExitAdviser - Online self-service business-for-sale platform for small business owners
  • iPlanner.NET - Professional business- and financial plan software for entrepreneurs

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MS Azure
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Sample web design template BizStrap
A Mobile-first Business Web theme "BizStrap"

A Web template Ace
A Web Dashboard template "Ace"

A Web template Measure
A responsive, Mobile-first Twitter Bootstrap theme "Measure"

A responsive Web template Open Mind
A responsive UX Web theme "OpenMind"

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Microsoft Cloud: Discussing upcoming Web Application development and UX trends